Sony IMX122

  • CMOS active pixel dots
  • Input clock frequency :37.125MHZ
  • Readout mode :HD1080 P mode HD720 P mode
  • H driver,V driver and serial communication circuit on chip
  • CDS/PGA on chip
  • 10-bit /12-bit A/D converter on chip
  • CMOS logic parallel SDR Data-clock out
  • R,G,B primary color pigment mosaic filters on chip
  • Recommended lens F value : 2.8 or more (close side)
  • Recommended exit pupil distance: -30mm to –∞


Lens size 1/2.5 Inch
F.NO 1.8±5%
IR cut filter T50%=648 ±10nm
EFL 3.6mm
FOV 115° (Diagonal) 95° (Horizontal)
BFL 5.85mm
Element 6G+IR